Legal Investigations

Q – Is there such a thing as absolute truth, or is it all a matter of perspective relative to one’s own unique experience?

A – There are only facts from which the truth – a perspective – is derived.

Q – And if you and I each see a fact differently?

A – Now you know reasonable doubt.

Only a very few investigators in Canada are capable of true legal investigations.
At William Joynt Investigations Ltd. We employ a number of Professional Legal Investigators that can assist you and your clients.


What is a Professional Legal Investigation?

A professional legal investigation, whether a criminal defence, an insurance defence, corporate liability or a plaintiff investigation consist of five basic protocols.


Preparation, Inquiry, Analysis, Documentation and Presentation.

The work includes common assignments of reviewing records and reports (evidentiary and discovery) research (case and individual backgrounds) scene work (site surveys and scene investigation) photography (scene and evidence) and interviews (witnesses and responders).

Forming a logical progression to a natural conclusion of the legal investigation.

At William Joynt Investigations, we are the leaders in finding the facts. We recognize counsel as the presenter of the facts in a manner beneficial to their case/client and the court as the arbiter of the truth.


No Stone Left Unturned

If you want to take a different approach in the investigative support you need for your litigation, please contact us to discuss specifically how we may be of service.


Case Research and Preparations
Crown Evidence Review/ Disclosure Anaysis
Undercover Operations
Photography, Video Evidence
Witness Statements (written, audio, video, under oath)
DNA and Other Forensic Services
Statement Analysis
Witness Locates
Commercial Fraud Investigations
Commercial Fraud Case Review and Preparation
Ethics and Compliance Investigations
Internal Investigations
Undercover Operations
Video and Photographic Documentation
Forensic Services
Corruption Investigations
Computer Forensic Services
Electronic Counter Measures
Support for Anton Pillar Order, Mareva Injunctions and Norwhich orders
Witness Locates
Disclosure Analysis
Interviews, Statements
Case Analysis Support
Due Diligence Investigations
Other Support and Trial Preparation
Witness Statements
Spousal Abuse Investigations
Asset Identification
Employment / Source of Income Determinations
Life Style Analysis
Custody Dispute Investigations
Undercover Operations
Computer Forensics
Electronic Counter Measures