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Many business people and individual investors at some point in their career look for an investment that will provide a higher return then customary investments. While it is generally true that if it sounds too good to be true it is, there are legitimate investments that can provide a much higher rate of return than traditional investments, or the investments you are accustomed to in your own business.

In our experience we are often asked to assist people who have entered into investment “opportunities” and have been defrauded. These are not just unsophisticated investors, or people that are too greedy for their own good, but intelligent persons who are acting to try and build something for themselves their families and their businesses. When I’m asked to assist in proving a fraud, and in assisting people in recovering their funds, I can’t help but think that if these investors had come to us first, the fraud could have been avoided and these investors would not be incurring the investigative and legal costs of trying to recoup their losses.

When you are considering a high return investment, no doubt there is a larger component of risk then there would be in more traditional investments. This does not mean the risk is unacceptable, but it does mean that the investor needs to make an informed determination of that risk, and of the legitimacy of the investment, and those entities or persons with whom you are planning to invest.

While we are not able to guarantee an investment, we can assist you in minimizing the risk and in some cases, prove the risk unacceptable.

By necessity and inclination, most of us conduct our business on the basis of trusting those with whom we do business. This is the normal manner in which business is conducted. We trust our business partners, employees and investors. If we didn’t, nothing would get done. Those persons proposing a fraudulent investment know this and their actions are designed to take advantage of and use to their advantage this normal level of trust.

When an investment proposal is fraudulent, there are many indicators that as experienced investigators we are aware of that will be present. There is a method that confidence people follow to gain your trust and confidence and we are able to recognize these patterns and point them out to you.

At William Joynt Investigations, our investigators are experienced researchers, knowledgeable about financial matters and experienced fraud investigators. We will review your intended investment, verify the validity of the physical components of an intended investment and research the people and entities with which you are contemplating an investment.

Before you commit to a non-traditional investment, I urge you to contact me personally. We will assist you in coming to a determination of whether or not you should move forward.

I would much rather meet with you now than afterwards.


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