Ethics and Compliance

A company’s bottom line can be impacted when employees, or third parties, engage in behaviours or actions not consistent with societal or corporate norms. Our company objectively investigates such matters in a manner that allows our clients to make informed choices, based on a factual investigative analysis of the truth of the matter at hand. Regardless of the analysis, favourable or unfavourable, the truth is the final outcome.
As an investigative company that places integrity first, we offer an objective external source for investigations into such issues as:

• Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations
• Internal Thefts or Other Criminal Acts such as Fraud or Mischief
• Violation of established Employment Practices
• Harassment, Discrimination, or Retaliation
• Workplace Violence
• Sales, Transport of Property Obtained By Crime Using Company Property or Vehicles
• Conflicts of Interest
• Offering or Accepting Gifts or Entertainment that could Improperly Influence Existing or Potential Customers or Suppliers or Compromise the Employee’s Independence
• Violation of Securities Trading laws
• Violation of Marketing and Sales Practices
• Violation of Company Environmental Practices
• Non-compliance with Health and Safety rules
• Non-compliance with Health and Safety rules
• Use, Distribution, Sale, Possession, or Being UnderThe Influence of Illegal Drugs and/or
Alcohol, During Working Hours
• Violations of Software Compliance Laws, Including Unauthorized Reproduction or Use of
Manuals or Other Copyrighted and Trademarked Materials
• Unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information
• Unauthorized Use of Company Resources
• Compromising the Integrity of Company Records and Information
• Relations with Government and Political Activity that Violate Federal, Provincial, or Municipal
• Laws and Regulations or Could Give Rise to a Conflict of Interest
• Violations of Other Policies, Procedures, or Laws
• Inappropriate Employee Behaviours that Impact the Overall Profitability of the Business
• Salesperson Making a Material Misrepresentation of Fact Concerning a Good or Service
• Companies can Demand Third Party Compliance with Ethics Rules. Example: Contractors.
• Negligence and Due-diligence Issues